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The Event Service: Live Music & Sound Co.

The Event Service | est. 2014


Winship’s event service is a hybrid package of live music performance & professional sound company specializing in tasteful background ambiance at modern events. It’s an experience where artist-made covers tell a refreshing new story, comfortable audio levels give breathing room for meaningful conversation, & the vibe is high-end quality meets upbeat, relaxed fun.

Photo by L.A. Birdie

Photo by L.A. Birdie

“The perfect combination of entertainment and ambiance”

– Michelle K.

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Winship’s event packages are available in 1 hour, 2 hour, or 3 hour event time blocks with the following inclusions:

Live Music (included)

Winship is an original music artist filtering Top 40 covers through his multi-instrumentalist background and singer/songwriter lens, distilling both older and newer favorites into an authentically refreshing sound on minimalist instrumentation. As a pop vocalist performing on an amplified acoustic guitar, he explores songs in-depth, prioritizing quality over quantity as he imparts each song with sophisticated world rhythms & subtle artistic nuances. The result is more sophisticated, modern storytelling, and an ability to perform each song in not just one, but a handful of different ways. It’s the reason why he’s booked for the overall vibe he creates, instead of for specific song requests, which is a divergence from the traditional cover bands in the private events industry. Winship’s song selections actually happen in real-time based on the energy of people and place, where he expertly draws from an all-ages, cross-generational artist palette each song to best fit the present moment.

Style Preview

Press ▷ on the music player below for a 13 song preview of Winship’s music style:

Sound Co. (included)

Winship is a professional sound engineer with an in-house sound company backing each performance. Built mobile and modular, he personally hand-selects and field-tests every piece of sound system equipment he uses in order to achieve higher-quality sound experiences at events where no two venues are ever identical. Each sound system is based on a combination of guest list size and the physical room characteristics of the event space because the density of people will impact how much sound is absorbed and the differing room materials (e.g. wood, metal, glass, concrete, fabric) will impact how sound reacts. That’s why technical coordination is also provided by his head sound engineer which will help you to achieve optimized sound quality at any venue of your choosing. All sound systems include delivery, set-up in one location for the duration of your booked event time block and sound-checks prior to guest arrival with continued sound engineering during the live performance. Winship’s sound company also offers custom additions that can be added on to your booking at any time.

Photo by Joshua Paul Ramey |Video by Thomas M. Ferrara and Alex Martin


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